Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hollywood Sign is Offically Saved

 The Hollywood Sign is the most famous sign in the world. It is located on Mount Lee in Griffith Park overlooking Hollywood. Just recently everyone heard that the Hollywood sign would be taken down because of land issues. It was put on the market two years ago for $22 million, but the Trust for Public Land wanted a lower price. In April 2009, the land was up for grabs at $12.5 million and the trust for public land had one year to buy the property to save it for generations to come. Recently there has been a campaign to help raise money to save the land and they had until April 30, 2010 to raise $12.5 million. Thankfully the land next to the Hollywood sign is offically saved because of Hugh Hefner's Big Donation. He donated $900,000 to the Save the Peak campaign, causing Tiffany & Co.Foundation and Aileen Getty to donated $500,000. The land will eventually be donated to the city and become part of Griffith Park. The idea of there no longer being the famous sign is mind blowing. The sign is a world icon that doesn't just bring tourism but also is a part of history and culture of Los Angeles. I am so glad the sign is here to stay.
More Info:Why the Peak Needed Saving and SaveCahuegaPeak

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