Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mr. Brainwash Bombing Los Angeles- Artist

Mr. Brainwash (aka Thierry Guetta) was born in France as Thierry Guetta. He started his career as a French documentary film maker then turned into a street pop artist. He currently lives here in Los Angeles and is a  graffiti artist. Mr. Brainwash's work seems to be a mix of Andy Warhol and UK street artist Banksy. He using the streets as his canvas but also has been in galleries and had his own shows. His first show 'Life is Beautiful" opened in Los Angeles June 18th 2008. Then had his first show in New York on February 14, 2010. He was also featured in a documentary about street artists, called "Exit Through the Gift Shop."
Check out his site. Mr.Brainwash

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