Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sean Falyon - Be Everywhere (Mixtape)

This is his latest offering and it may be his strongest project to date. Been listening to this mixtape non-stop and if you like real hip hop listen up. It includes features from Playboy Tre, Freddie Gibbs, Scar, Lloyd, GLC, Bonecrusher and El Prez, but know that Falyon isn't one to get outshined on his own tracks. Check it out, pronto tonto.

1. Ex- Manager Intro/Hello (produced by Shiz Raw).
2. Underdog (produced by Shiz Raw).
3. Down ft. GLC (produced by The WeatherMen).
4. Single Life ft. DonWill & Scar (produced by The WeatherMen).
5. What Ya Like (produced by SLADE).
6. Attention ft. Lloyd (produced by The WeatherMen & SLADE).
7. Life in my Pocket ft. El Prez & C.T. (produced by Ginsue J).
8. All I Know ft. Freddie Gibbs (produced by The WeatherMen).
9. Bad News(interlude).
10. Symphony ft. Diz Gibran (produced by The WeatherMen).
11. Running ft. Scragg Lee (produced by GRADE A MUZIK).
12. Wonderful Life ft. Playboy Tre & Scar (produced by The WeatherMen).
13. Ex-Manager Outro.

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