Monday, May 24, 2010

Michael Jordan& His Hitler Mustache..

There's a new ad campaign for Hanes featuring Michael Jordan. But it's not the product that has people chatting, it's Jordan's facial hair, which most are referring to as Jordan's Hitler mustache. There is no official word on why Jordan has chosen to go with the short 'stache, some, such as SB Nation's Spencer Hall (sports blogger) has come up with a few possibilities:

"He likes a challenge. Michael Jordan has already sold you everything you never thought you'd buy. I sat through Space Jam, and though I have no specific memory why, I still somehow ended up buying the Quad City DJs' theme song to the movie. Like Michael Bay with Transformers 2, he is testing his powers to see if he can make the public embrace the unembraceable because he is both powerful and bored."

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