Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Poster Boy Sentenced to 11 Months in Jail

Known subway ad slicing artist, Poster Boy has been sentenced to 11 months at Rikers Island for failing to appear in court.

Last week, the judge made a ruling in his favor that would have allowed Poster Boy (Henry Matyjewicz) to avoid jail time, but Matyjewicz failed to show up and was subsequently sentenced to 11 months at Rikers Island. Poster Boy’s attorney, Kerry Gotlib stated that “It should have been a happy day for him, but he wasn’t there,” Although Poster Boy did miss his May 6th court date he went to the court the following day around 2PM on May 7th to apologize, however the court wasn’t hearing any of that and he was taken into custody. He spent the weekend at Rikers and it was promptly sentenced to the 11 months. “It was unwarranted,” says Gotlib, who promised to absolutely appeal the “shocking decision.” He was expected to get 3 years probation, not jail time.

More info at NYPost

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