Sunday, June 6, 2010

LAPD Bullies Street Photographer

Shawn Nee, a Los Angeles street photographer and blogger, claims his right to photograph police activity: There is no expectation of privacy, especially on a public street under video surveillance. Meanwhile, a cop yells something about “two years in the desert” he spent for Shawn Nee’s “fruitcake ass” and detains him.
The particularly ridiculous part of this video is the cop’s attempt to demonstrate authority by threatening Nee with parking tickets as he tries to re-establish himself after yelling at him: “You fruitcake, God dang it, start moving!” Seriously sometimes fuck the police, some of them just can't handle people and think higher of themselves because they have a badge. Ya I wouldn't want my picture taken but still, if the paparazzi can take a ton of photos of celebrities without getting arrested or "break the law" why can't street artists to the same. Cops like the ones attacking bikers in Hollywood and this guy right here just really give LAPD such a bad image. Cops are for the people, they are suppose to be on our side, not treat us like evil human beings.

"Our ability as citizens to document the police is extremely important. Historically, citizen photography has been instrumental in documenting police abuse cases from Rodney King to the recent shooting death of Oscar Grant. To wear a badge and a gun in our society is a privilege and ought to only be afforded to those willing to enforce actual laws and not intimidate citizens by making up illegal photography rules of their own."


  1. I love your blog. You're very well spoken and intelligent; this is a refreshing change from the other "blogs" I see out there. Bravo!

  2. thank you :] its pretty much my brain splattered into a blog lol thanks for the support!