Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Current TV

If you ever find yourself watching tv & you can't find anything on, check out current tv.

I recently just started getting into the channel a couple weeks ago. At first I found it strange & space age but it's like watching national geographic but with a young adult edge. Current is about what's going on in your world: all the things you and your friends are actually interested in -- that you won't find on any other news site or cable TV channel. The channel features "pods," or short programs that are usually 3-to 7-minute, created by emerging filmmakers, citizen journalists and the most rank of amateurs -- the viewers themselves. The videos consist of people, stories, culture, life from all around the world. It's Almost like youtube but smarter, after watching you don't feel like you wasted 2 minutes of your life, you actually learn something about life. The short documentaries is one of my favorite parts about the channel. The topic of each video is completely random & could be about anything. One that really caught my eye was this woman who had a fetish for building cranes & building structures. She would go out everyday, hug buildings & got divorced because of her love for them. If you don't have that channel you can check out the website & it has tons of interesting videos.

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