Monday, March 15, 2010

Estevan Oriol- LA Artist

If you don't know who Estevan Oriol, get out of LA.
Estevan Oriol is a well know Mexican American photographer from Los Angeles. I am so inspired by his photos and his use of black & white. His photos are gripping, beautiful, and are portraits of individuals fully immersed in L.A gang lifestyle. He has a retail store called the Last Laugh and just started his own agency. You can buy shirts & jackets with his photos on them, my favorite is "L.A." shirt, the one of the girl with long finger nails holding up the LA sign with her hands. His photography has a big influance on my art style, I love his detail of the real hardship of the hood. Can't wait for he's next open gallery. Check him out.

This Film was shot from January 17th to the 30th, during the Estevan Oriol “L.A. Woman” Promo Tour. Destinations included Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, Bologna, and Rome, all capturing behind-the-scenes footage by Kittesencula.

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  1. grace, theres this store on melrose that has a lot of his artwork and clothing, i'm not sure about the name, but we should check it out some weekend and chill in fairfax hood!

    Liking the blog!
    Alsoooo, im going to snap a pic of this bomb ass mural he did a few blocks from my house on Fairfax- soon soon!