Thursday, March 18, 2010

OBEY giant on Melrose in LA

I hung out on Melrose today, it was another perfect day to be out & about. I have always idolized Shepard Faiery & have fallin in love with his art. I started following his blog in the summer & love to see what he see's. He has been touring his art all around the world & installing these murals in different cities. I have been dying to go to a gallery show or just get to see one of his murals in person. Just a couple days ago him & OBEY giant crew installed a 56′ x 18′ mural at Barracuda on Melrose, using new patterns from his collection. I wish I could get him to do my walls in my room! If your in LA you should go check it out or even stop by Barracuda, they sell Obey clothes aswell.

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