Friday, April 16, 2010

Late Night Eats LA- In-N-Out

If you live any where in Southern California you know what In-N-Out is, and in LA it's usually the first place that comes to mind when you want a bomb burger. These burgers are one of my favorite burgers of all time. My perfect order at In-N-Out is the “Double Double" with Cheese, two patties, cheese, toasted buns, Thousand Island, pickles, lettuces and tomato. I also have to get an order of animal style fries. This place is well priced and the menu is simple, burgers, fries, and shakes. Everyone I know loves In-N-Out with a passion and if you live in LA they are everywhere. It is also open late till 1am everyday some even 2am. It's the perfect late night spot as well, perfect after a long night out being out on the town. I recommend that everyone has to at least eat there once in their life time!

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